To define turbulence, in my words, it is the conflict you are in with yourself. Your constant fight between the real and the reel.

The real that is hidden somewhere underneath tonnes of pressure built inside you, which you have been nurturing for ages. The dreamer in you that knows no boundaries and that you can reach for the moon and live the way you have always imagined or aspired to.

The reel, that is giving into pressure, created for leading the life scripted centuries ago and to end up becoming a living robot for being in harmony if not with yourself but with the world and which has now become real you.

In the Imtiaz Ali’s film Tamasha, Ved Vardhan Sahni (played by Ranbir Kapoor) is no different from most of us, who see the world differently through their lenses, who are special in certain ways. But only a handful of us live up to the ‘real self’ as most of us give up our aspirations and give into situational pressure and live the conditioned life. This conditioned way of living is no less than a robotic one.

Nowadays, people appear to be at peace but are in constant denial of reality. The reality that I am talking about here is what we cherish, we care for, we aspire to become, we enjoy, we live, we relish, which is now only a part of our subconscious mind.

This movie is Imtiaz’s most honest work to date. I feel it wholeheartedly. It is likely that he would be criticised from many angles at length and only a few would understand the tamasha the movie started with and the tamasha at the end of the movie.

The movie Tamasha has made a strong impression on me. It gave me hope. It gave me a kick in the ass. It healed my broken soul. It helped me in finding a solution at a time when I was drowning in pain. It helped me to see that a story does not have to end like a sinking ship and that we can sail through it (the present state).

The movie is about coming face to face with yourself, what you really want to do, the steps you should take towards what you think you are meant for and not what the world thinks you should do.

In the first part of the movie, I was in Tara Maheshwari’s (played by Deepika Padukone) shoes, like when I came to Kolkata from Delhi in early 2015. However, in the second part, I completely fit into Ranbir’s as it reflected my present state.

One can easily be mistaken if they think the madness, the frustration, the conflict, the outrageousness and impulsiveness that Ranbir faces, as shown in the movie to be exaggerated. No, it is not. Not even a bit. I have been through the same, through thick and thin. I am fighting the same. Nothing that was played by Ranbir is preposterous.

Somewhere deep down everybody is vulnerable. For some, the vulnerability is much stronger, which paves the way for fear to grow and reside inside them. The conditioned fight that people take up in real life to reach economic, social and other stability make them prone to instability deep inside. It eats up the self like the erosion of soil.

And, when we see the conditioned man has achieved a lot in life, in reality, the person has gained nothing but has lost everything. The man was never free, had stayed always in chains, some self-created and most of them created by others and found happiness which came in instalments.

The conditioned man reaches out to people in need but not how it should have been. Now, when he is there for people, needy or his dear ones in their troubled times for help it is out of courtesy or politeness, as this is also his conditioned self, like what he is supposed to do in times as such, how he should react or approach the situation. There is no compassion and love anymore. Nothing that makes a man humane.

If you feel that what I am talking about is utopia, then no, it’s not. We all are born to do something fruitful with our lives (said who? said nobody. This is what I think) for a reason and not to be wasted on earth. When I say this, it is completely about oneself.

In the movie, Ranbir fights with the negativity inside him. The negativity that was born out of suppression of all the positivity (positive thoughts, actions) that was in him. Deepika was a catalyst in his life.

When we fight with ourselves for good, we are at war. When I say war it is because it is one of the most difficult struggles or period that one goes through at a constant pace to overcome it. The best part is the outcome, the sheer joy of overcoming it.

Breakfree everything that has restricted you from growing up as an individual and to live and reach contentment. Nurture yourself. There is nothing that you would lose anymore.

Tamasha it is indeed. Be the tamasha, do the tamasha. There is always a beaming light at the end of the tunnel.


(I wrote this on November 30, 2015, three days after its release. Tamasha is an Imtiaz Ali movie, starring Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor and music by A. R. Rahman. My personal favourite songs from the film are Agar tum saath ho, Matargashti, Safarnama and Tu koi aur hain. Parade de la Bastille by Rahman will make you tap your feet, clap your hands and dance softly.  The photo is taken from Google.)


7 thoughts on “Breakfree Tamasha

  1. This piece of writing beautifully sumerises the central beauty and complexity of the movie. I personally could relate to the writing as I am in a stage where I must choose the real or give in to the reel , and I hope I can choose the real self when the time comes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We all are born to do something fruitful with our lives…
    Amazing line di..
    We Shud be positive in all cases possible.
    The is a line which is already popular but still I am saying,”problems toh hai SAB ke saath, bas nazariye ki hai baat”. Ofcourse you heard it in d MST popular show”Taarak Mehta ka ulta chasma”.. haha!! I m nt promoting this serial ha.. hihi. 😉😉
    But yaa, I will say that it was really an amazing blog..
    Actually I haven’t seen this movie but yes, the way you explained everthing, after this I m 101% sure that I NID to watch this movie immediately.
    N yes, u r too good, so bad can never happen to you.
    Not d good, not d nice, but d best will happen to u..😊😊
    Just b positive n face ol d problems boldly, I m sure that u will definitely overcome all d problems, doesn’t matter how tough it is…

    N yaa, looking for more amazing blogs from you, just like this…

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